Creating our First VM

So, we have the ISO and we have the Storage repository. So now we are going to create out first VM

Right click a XenServer Host that you have attached the SR to, and Select New VM

Select the template we want to use:


Give the server a name:


Select the installation media:


Place the VM on this server:


Select Next on CPU and Memory as we will adjust this depending on the server role at a later stage, next on GPU also.

Select your active NIC:


Select Finish.

This will then run through the Windows Server 2012 R2 installation.

Once XenServer has created the VM and it appears in the XenCenter console, select the server and change the view to Console.

Running through the VM build selections:



We want to install the Standard Evaluation Server with GUI.


Accept the Licensing Terms and Conditions:


We want to select Custom: Install Windows Only

Select the server Drive, this will become your servers C drive.


Let it run through the installation of Windows


Provide an Administrator account, this is the local administrator.


Eject the ISO from the DVD Drive, so the VM doesn’t try to boot into windows installer again:


And now we have a full functioning first server. This will be used to create our Template Server on the next Blog post.


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